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Biographical notes
Conductor and Composer

Franco Arrigoni (1961), graduated in Trumpet with the
M ° Battagliola in 1985, and subsequently, in Strumentazione Per Banda in 1992.



He has compositions and arrangements for the band to his credit, published by the main national and international publishing houses (Wicky, Scomegna, Robert Martin, Dicorato).

The "Events" composition received second prize at the National Competition of Aosta (1999), and was the title of the 2001 Condove band competition, as well as being part of the Competition tracks on the Wasbe list and the "Flicorno d'Oro" competition ”Of Riva del Garda.

The composition "Tema e Fuga" received the second prize (first unassigned) at the International Competition organized by the French Music Confederation (2000).

The composition "Little Suite Klezmer" received the third prize at the National Competition "Pellegrino Caso" of Vietri sul Mare (2002), it was then imposed on the International Competition "Vallée D'Aoste" in 2005, is part of the competition songs in the Italian, Swiss and French lists.

The song "L 'anniversaire de Freré Jacques" was the title of the National Competition "Golden Baton" 2007 by Fiuggi (second category).

The song "Tre più Due" was the title of the Sinnai 2007 International Youth Band Competition.

The piece Suite Appenninica was a piece imposed on the following competitions:

"Vallèe d’Aoste 2008

The Golden Wand 2009

"Flicorno d'Oro" 2014

The song "Silver Overture" was a must for the "Vallèe d’Aoste" 2010 competition.



Since 1985 he has been Professor of Music Education in the Middle School, and since 2003 he has been a trumpet teacher at the Middle School of Music in Cadorago (Como).

He directs the Institute Orchestra composed of 70 boys and takes care of the repertoire and arrangements.


He was president of the Technical Commission of Fe.Ba.Co (Federation of Como Bands) from 2000 to 2013.

For Fe.Ba.Co he held three band management courses (2002-2004) together with Armando Saldarini and Franco Cesarini.

With the Febaco Youth Band he ranked second in the "Flicorno D’Oro" 2007 Competition in Riva del Garda.


He directed the Appianese Music Corps of Appiano G. from 1985 to 2001.

From 1993 to 2006 he directed the Musica Unione di Novazzano (CH)

Since 1994 he directs the Civic Philharmonic of Bellinzona (CH).

From February 2004 he was appointed Director of the Cadorago Music Corps.

From 2005 to 2014 he was the permanent director of the "Fe.Ba.Co youth group" with which he won the absolute first prize at the Costavolpino National Competition for Youth Bands.



He attended several Fiate orchestra conducting workshops with Thomas Briccetti, Fulvio Creux, Hardy Martens, Franco Cesarini, Thomas V. Fraschillo.


As a director he has participated in numerous national and international competitions, often achieving excellent results.

With the "Appianese Music Corps":

first place at the Lombardy Regional Competition in Brescia in 1989 (3rd category)

first place at the Lombardy Regional Competition in Brescia in 1991 (2nd category)

first prize with mention at the International Competition of Strasbourg in 1996 (II division).


With the "Musica Unione di Novazzano" (Switzerland):

third place in the international competition "Flicorno d’Oro" of Riva del Garda in 1997 (III category).

seventh place on eighty-eight bands at the Friborg Music Festival in 2001 (second category), obtaining the best absolute score in the performance of the piece of free choice.



With the "Civic Philharmonic of Bellinzona" (Switzerland):

1st prize with mention in the 2nd category at the Giubiasco Cantonal Competition of 1999.

first prize with mention at the Strasbourg International Competition in 2000 (Allegro category). performing the "Symphonie de L’Eau" by S. Lancen and "English Folksong Suite" by R. V. William

third place on forty-six bands at the Lucerne Federal Music Festival, 2006 (second category).

First place at the Federal Festival of Montreux in second category with 195/200.

With the Cadorago Musical Corps:

Second prize at the Friuli Venezia Giulia International Competition in the third category in 2008

Third place in the "Flicorno d'Oro" competition in 2013 in the third category.

Third place at the International Competition "Amilcare Ponchielli" of Cremona in the third category in 2015

Third place in 2017 for the Costavolpino Youth Band Competition for the Junior Band

First place in 2018 at the Udine International Music Cup Competition in the B category for the Junior Band

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