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The first edition of FESTIBAND was successfully held on Sunday 13 October, with 8 bands from the provinces of Como, Lecco and Milan taking part.

The listening commission composed of the masters Angelo Bolciaghi, Armando Saldarini and Savino Acquaviva appreciated both the organizational and the musical level, dispensing useful advice to the bands and their conductors.

The participating bands prepared themselves with care to be judged, presenting a free program adequate to their abilities, on the stage of the Teatro San Giuseppe in Rovello Porro before and during the performances there was sometimes a certain tension, the concentration was maximum,  the executions were often valuable, in the end each group received the deserved applause.

In the late afternoon the judgments were delivered to both the bands you have directors, which was followed by the conversation between the listening commission and the masters, a very useful and constructive result.

Participating bands will be given a USB key with photos of the event and an audio recording of the performances.

The next edition will probably be held in 2021, while for next year we are thinking of another initiative still under study. 

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